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With a user login, legal professionals can use ExpungeItMD.org to expunge Maryland criminal records by simply searching case numbers, reviewing the case disposition and client data, and printing all documents required to file a petition for criminal record expungement.

Our Mission

Maryland Legal Aid’s mission is to provide high-quality legal services to Maryland’s poor through a mix of services and to bring about the changes poor people want in the systems that affect them.

About Us

Maryland Legal Aid is a private, non-profit law firm that provides free, civil legal services to low-income people in Baltimore City and Maryland's 23 counties from 12 offices and four District Court Self-Help Resource Centers. The firm handles cases involving a wide range of issues, including family, housing, government benefits, healthcare, education, employment, and consumer law. Maryland Legal Aid also represents children in CINA (Child in Need of Assistance) proceedings in 12 Maryland jurisdictions. Other vulnerable populations, such as homeowners facing foreclosure, migrant, and seasonal farm workers, nursing home and assisted living residents, and veterans seeking benefits and assistance with related legal issues also receive representation through special projects.

In addition, Maryland Legal Aid assists with expunging criminal records to remove barriers to obtaining housing, employment, and child custody.

Visit www.mdlab.org for more information about the work of Maryland Legal Aid, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter below.

ExpungeItMD.org is:

Powerful Simultaneously generates petitions for criminal record expungements for an unlimited number of cases.

Optimized Combines all petitions and waivers into a single editable* PDF file.

Smart Users can edit client data, create email reminders and client receipts, flag cases for review, and much more.

Free This site is free to use today, tomorrow, and every day after that. New features and future updates to the website will also be free.